Who we are

“I am passionate about helping businesses grow and develop, ensuring that they have strong foundations to build on and ultimately achieve their goals and Profitable Performance”.

Sarah Valentine-Bull
Managing Director

Propolis’ Managing Director Sarah Valentine-Bull works with a variety companies from different sectors and sizes to help support their desire to make things better, be this streamlining the workload, enhancing the customer service or supporting the management in implementing change.

With 25 years’ experience across financial services, insurance, retail and health Sarah and her team are able to provide you with support to match your needs, be this adhoc sessions to talk through issues and concerns, looking a ways to make your life easier, a full department process review or bespoke project we can match your needs.

We see that the key to a growing business is clarity both internally and externally ensuring both you, your staff and your customers have clear expectations, and we will work with you to ensure this is the case.

To learn more about Sarah’s experience see Linkedin Link

What’s in a name?

The business name Propolis has been derived from my children’s involvement in bee keeping. We all know how efficiently a bee colony works together and our mission is

“To support businesses in working smartly so that the company can develop in the way the directors wish, be this growth or simply making thing easier in a life style business”

Propolis in bee terms is believed to re-enforce the structural stability of the hive along with many other positive attributes you would associate with running a business.