Business Mentoring for Growth

To ensure our recommended improvement changes are effectively implemented and managed, we provide ongoing mentoring for both you, the business owner, and the key individuals within your organisation.

As highly experienced business mentors with over twenty years industry experience, we can help guide you through making difficult decisions, recommend ways to improve your business’s profitability and motivate you to want to achieve higher levels of performance, all within the bounds of a trusted relationship.

The support and guidance we provide will enable you to:

Gain fresh insights into problems and decision making through impartial, objective discussion and feedback.
Help you look at the ‘big picture’ and help you identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.
Reduce the level of risk in making business decisions by exploring options with someone who understands your concerns.
Focus your energy by having someone to motivate you.
Keep focused on your goals, making positive progress more quickly.

We are flexible to work around clients needs, but recommend fortnightly or monthly meetings, typically over two to four hours. Experience has shown that giving clients regular tasks and accountability helps to ensure changes and improvements within the business stay on track. We prefer to work face to face to build the relationship and trust in the partnership, but skype, telephone and email contact between meetings is encouraged to ensure you do not feel isolated in your business.

We begin by undertaking a business status assessment, working with you, to understand all the internal and external factors which could impact the organisation in the short or long term. After this assessment we will formulate a ‘Mentoring Plan’ for an agreed period of time, providing all the support and guidance you need to improve your businesses performance and profitability.