Do you have an open mind to change….

Listening to an interview with Frank Skinner on radio 2 last week where he was talking about how he kept his ‘portal’ open for new music even now, and explained how many people tend to have 5 years, typically in their teens, which is ‘open’ and the music from that period becomes the music they listen to forever.

So I started relating that to the work environment, people come into a role, have loads of great ideas in the first year make the relevant changes, and then never really take that step back again to reassess, they get into the habit of this is the way it works for me and don’t change their record….

When looking at how to make things better, staff engagement is key as is the staff member understanding how the piece of the jigsaw they do each day fits into the whole picture.   But what is the best way do to this without opening up the lines for a moaning session.

  • Encourage the team to give you goods and bads, but ensure they rationale why a “good” is good, and how they feel you can eliminate the “bads”…this helps you identify those who will help to deliver positive changes
  • Build into your staff management program monthly 121’s which include a specific documented section on improvements,
  • Spend time sitting with staff members as regular side by sides to see how they use the system, what are their issues, what would make it easier, perhaps they have 10 clicks when you know only 1 would give the same outcome.

Striving for success is about continual challenge, change and improvement and not being afraid to ask ‘why’.

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