Is it time to recruit……..

At some point in your business journey there will come a time when you can’t see the wood for the trees, this could be due to :

  • Contract overlap
  • Growing customer base
  • Increasing paperwork

Knowing when and ‘what role’ to recruit is always difficult, it is important to first take a step backout of the day to day and see things can be made easier.  This can immediately cut back on tyour time constraints, we describe below some simple ways of doing this…

Write a list of everything you and your team do each day (get the staff doing it). At the end of the week look at whether the task would sit better with another member due to skill set or to remove any duplication. It could be that 2 people are doing the same job without communicating because they are so busy.

Secondly assess whether you want the business to grow, is the plan to have a lifestyle business or do you have greater aspirations.  Regardless of which one make sure you streamline activities to build in that time to finish earlier, develop more sales etc.

SO….You’ve decided recruiting is the right option, first step is to develop clear role profiles, look at the lists you generated and see what could be logically put into a new job.  But think about the whole company holistically, you may be busy at the sales end and need to develop greater support in the back office, but can the factory cope with more orders, or have you future proofed the solution.

If the issues are in the order processing but you also want to grow can you take some of the order / client set up and put it into a sales and marketing role.  Ultimately this will ease the transition from sales > order > production.

The key to good business is to have a happy workforce with clear direction, including yourself.    The more people can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel often the worse they perform.  Take everyone on the journey with you and let them know that you want the right people in the right place and someone may want to change roles for the better.

Through working with one of our clients, in a distribution business, we have been able to develop the right structure and process improvements to allow him to double turnover from £2m with just one more person in the office and one in despatch.

If you would like a template job description please email or for more information on how we could help your business develop email to arrange a general chat.