Is your business taking over your weekends, we share some tips on how to get them back…

Back to work after a relaxing bank holiday or looking forward to your “weekend” after a busy Bank Holiday working.  Or are you losing your down time to your business admin.

When growing your business you can find yourself providing your service or manufacturing during the normal week and playing catch-up on admin the rest of the time, resulting in poor worklife balance.

Here are 5 tips for redressing that balance

Time Management

Try to have dedicted business time with no other destractions, this could be Saturday morrning 9 – 10 so you can enjoy the rest of the day……it is then key to maximise this time so make a list of everything you realistically need to achieve.  By crossing off some quick wins you will instantly feel better and more motivated.

Sometimes it is the blur of lots of tasks that makes it all seem  worse.


Once you have the list think about your-

“Must haves” items that have to be done to keep things working such as invoicing, banking & promotions

“Should haves” things that make good practice e.g. meeting minutes, marketing plans

“Could haves” items that you would like in place but are not going to impact you negatively if not in place immedately


All too often we do things the way we always have without taking the time to see how it could be done better.

By mapping out what you do, you may spot opportunities to enhance it, alternatively consider asking for an outside view.


Dependent on your company size, it may be time to invest in an appropriate computer package.  However, review these wisely before committing as they can sometimes create more work.  The functions that a desktop office package can provide are often all you need its just  about using them smartly.

Enjoy It

Remember why you set up in business,  what were going to be the perceived benefits and are you reaping any of these.

No one  said it would be easy but if its taking over your life it may be time to get someone in to give you an outside view or short term support, not on your product or service but how you manage the admin…

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