Is your business working the way you planned?

From time to time it is essential to visit the basics, in previous years you may have put down fantastic roots to the business, strong processes and excellent training, but have a think, is this still working effectively often the answer is no for one of 2 reasons;

The business has developed and the original processes need revisiting, we all know how Microsoft change things regularly to keep ahead of the game, it is important that you do too, considering anything from the processes in accounts to the way an order is placed.

The original processes may still be right, but for some reason your staff have deviated away from these, it could be change in personnel both in team or in training, it could be people thinking they have found a smarter way that just misses a vital point, you may just not have been told about it.

Either way both of these could have an impact on your efficiencies, generate greater complaints, increase staffing levels and ultimately bottom line.

If you want to look at process improvement and the impacts on your profitability do not hesitate to contact us.