Process Documentation

Process documentation is vital for the efficient operation of your business, irrespective of its size.

Because processes are the core of how you operate, documenting your businesses processes is important for many reasons:

  • Reduces risk in the event of staff leaving or becoming unavailable
  • Defines job roles & aids training of new members of staff
  • Achieves consistency in product & service levels
  • Improves efficiency by reducing performance variance
  • Client requirements can often include process documentation, especially for outsourcing in regulated industries
  • Risk mitigation to enforce and show compliance with quality requirements such as ISO9001
  • Business process improvement can only be done with accurate process documentation.

To understand how we can help to improve your processes, we need to review your existing processes to understand what you currently do and how you do it.

This will involve spending time with you and your team gathering information, and, if you have it, reviewing your existing process documentation. We need to understand how people are working and why they are working that way. It’s key we engage fully with the team to understand the challenges they face, any concerns they have and whether they identify any training requirements.

It’s also important we understand interactions with other departments or teams within the business and whether there are any specific client or regulatory requirements. We also need to understand any systems that are used within or to support the process.

All of this information is collated, recorded and documented as a Process Flow Diagram, ensuring you have a clear picture of exactly how your business currently operates.