Process Implementation

If you choose to use Propolis to help you implement the recommended changes to your current processes, we can work alongside you to project manage and embed the changes within your business.

Once we have agreement on the changes you would like to implement, we can agree a number of hours per month that can be drawn down on a weekly basis to provide you with the required level of ongoing support to keep the project on track.

Our first step is to develop an action plan and timeline, within which we will identify the quick wins. The plan will contain a structured approach to the delivery of the project, with clearly defined roles. We will then look to work with your existing team to assign relevant roles and responsibilities. It’s very important we engage with the team to get their buy-in and support to the changes that are required to be implemented, and we’re proud of our proven track record of being able to achieve this.

We’ll report on progress of the plan against agreed timelines and identify when processes are complete. As new processes are completed we’ll update the existing process documentation to reflect the new process so you have all the correct and up-to-date documentation to hand and on file.