If you don’t have time to implement the changes into the business we can work alongside you deliver the enhancements.

We work on a flexible project management basis with many of our clients, giving you that extra resource you need but not a full time one, but keeps the momentum on the project.  It’s very important we engage with the team to get their buy-in and support to the changes that are required to be implemented, and we’re proud of our proven track record of being able to achieve this.

If the changes involves production changes or system changes, we can also provide the required training to the team, being your one stop shop for change, and as we already know the business we can help deliver the reasons ‘why’ this change is so important to your team.

We’ll report on progress of the plan against agreed timelines and identify when processes are complete. As new processes are completed we’ll update the existing process documentation to reflect the new process so you have a full standard operating procedures manual at the end.

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