Process Review

“Setting the right foundations for your business is key, from here you can build houses or mansions and we can give you the structure to support this.”.

Sarah Valentine-Bull
Managing Director

The aim of a process review is to dig down and understand what you do and how you do, and give you the processes and tools to do it in an easier way that saves you or your team time, or could stop a customer complaining.

This will involve spending time with your staff, firstly ensuring that they are doing what you think they are doing and then reviewing the steps in the process along with any regulatory requirements (eg GDPR) that may be in place. We will clearly document each step to give you a standard operating procedures manual.

We will then have an open conversation with you or your senior team / office manager positively challenging different areas of these tasks and looking at the impacts on other departments and customers from the current process.

We can use a number of methods to make improvement, reflecting the fact that businesses’ and customers may have different needs. It could be as simple as changing the order of a process, reducing paperwork trails into an electronic process or a complete revamp as to how the task is carried out.