The link between clear processes and productive people

Do you find your staff float between tasks or do not have clear guidance on how to undertake different processes?
We find many employees doing the best they can but want to do better. Here are our top five tips to help your staff feel as though they are achieving more, and also generate you more capacity:
1.Take time to observe your team member and understand how are they organising their day. We found one client whose accounts assistant was doing work as it arrived on her desk. By lumping the activity into two timeslots a day it generated three hours of time to support other roles.
2.Have a clear process/ guidelines manual that can be referred to at any point. This means everyone does the task in the same way, making documentation easy to find and keeping a clear audit trail.
3.Have a good training method, through regular training sessions and working both tasks and scenarios within training, staff not only know what is expected but cannot use the ‘I wasn’t told how to do it’
4.Do something fun to focus the mind, it’s amazing what incentives can do to inspire productivity, although make sure you have a quality check embedded. But a little bit of fun and praise goes a long way, even if it’s just buying a ‘star bar’ or ‘fab’ lolly on a periodic basis.
5.Listen to you team, this is the final and most important point, implement team meetings even if these are ten minutes once a week, this is where people will open up and start to understand each other’s remit, along with generating new ideas.
Have regular 1:1’s with team members, this gives them the opportunity to say how it’s going and share issues/ ideas, along with you being able to give both positive and negative feedback along with clear objectives to drive the business in the right direction.

Your staff and your customers are your most important assets and by looking after both you can continue to progress and grow.