Top tips to help SME Business owners get to grips with Process mapping

So you know you need to map your processes and you’re feeling in a bit of a muddle…Don’t worry. Here we have some top tips to help SME business owners like you, get to grips with mapping the core processes that keep the business ticking over.

Take a pen and piece of paper and answer these questions, honestly…  For each area of the business write down the different processes you do daily. For Example :-

• Taking on a new customer
• Raising orders
• Delivering / despatching goods
• Raising and Paying invoices

Then, ask yourself; Does a written process already exist for this? If so are all the necessary steps covered? If not, try and write one….

Then ask someone else in your team that also does the same job and ask them to tell you how they do it.
Write down their process.

SENSE CHECK! Is your process and their process compatible?

If they are, good job…If not; look at how the processes are different. Think about which steps need amending.

Does the process flow logically and are all steps necessary? You don’t want to be duplicating unnecessary steps in the process.

And finally…

Does the process add value? Once your new process/streamlined processes are in place don’t forget to keep monitoring and measuring them to check that these processes are having the desired effect on your business.

Some key tips:
1. Keep it simple
2. Describe each process in simple words
3. Use simple recognisable flow symbols and arrows.
4. Whatever you do keep it real!

The benefit of having streamlined processes is peace of mind, knowing that in your absence everyone knows what they are doing and the business is working correctly.

Whether your introducing new processes or making what you have work better, we can come in and help you achieve your end goal! If you’d like Propolis to undertake or review your process mapping, email us today on