Why you should continually evolve in your business…

Why should I improve what I do?

Naturally most of us want to be better at something and want to continually improve the service / product we offer.

But all too often the ability of improving what we do is stopped due to our old friend TIME. Take a minute and think about where those hours are going:-

  • Delivering your product / service
  • Book keeping activity
  • Customer communication (inbound and outbound)
  • Marketing
  • Relaxing ……you probably feel this is not enough
  • Sleep…..you can’t go without this

It is vital that you deliver to keep the money coming in, but improving the book keeping and communication will naturally give you additional time for product enhancement and relaxing.

Look at the work you do behind the scenes, your back office admin of book keeping and communication, either on your own or with outside help, take a fresh look at what you do and how you do it, think about areas such as, where

  • You touch a ‘piece of paper’ twice
  • Customers are ringing up with queries that you think they should know
  • Documents are all manually typed

As a business grows and changes with customer demand the hidden work should develop to fit it.

If you get all these areas right, the product will start to market itself through its reputation and your high customer service.