Propolis Professional Services aim is to support you and your business in a drive for profitable performance whether this is just you, 5, 50 or 1,00 employees. We will provide support by looking at your strategy establishing what works and what doesn’t to them help you develop plans for the future, efficient processes when administration is taking up too much time and effective people to deliver high productivity, strong service and positive results.

Whether you are a small or medium sized business, introducing new processes or making what you have work better, we can come in and help you achieve your goal.

Propolis can provide your business with support in a variety of areas to build greater efficiencies and free up your time to focus on growing your company through Process Improvements within the administrative / finance areas, Development of People and ensuring a smooth Customer Journey.

For businesses looking to grow or change, be this a new client, a new product or migration of an acquisition, we can support through our Project Management Services, where you also want to ensure that there are good controls in place we undertake Audit and operational Due Diligence.

All services can be done on a time basis to suit you and your scope, be this ad-hoc days, part time or short term contracts. Most areas of business can benefit from our skills and experience of Business Performance and Efficiency Improvements.