• Want your business to operate more efficiently?

  • Want to increase your productivity?

  • Want to increase your profits?

  • Want to generate a culture of continuous improvement?


Propolis work with you to provide support to improve the efficiency of your business, leading to profitable performance.

By identifying opportunities to increase efficiency we can help to:

  • Increase your productivity
  • Reduce the time spent undertaking tasks
  • Achieve consistency in your product and service levels
  • Ensure continuity as your business develops and grows
  • Aid in the accomplishment of quality accreditations

Using proven methods effective for any size of organisation, we will look at your current business infrastructure, take time to understand your business strategy, and document your current processes.

Once we establish what works and what can be improved, we work with you to develop efficient processes which will create a strong foundation on which you can continue to build your business .