Working with you save you time and increase your bottom line

At Propolis, our mission is to support your businesses to drive profitable performance, and more importantly as our customer will tell you, to generate you more time & capacity to either grow or relax..   We will provide you and the businesses with the tools you need to be as efficient as possible whilst ensuring your customer service is excellent after any changes..

Working with your team, we establish what ‘great’ looks like for you, the team and the customer.  You will receive clear process documents, clear action plans and deliverables, continuing to work with you in creating the strong foundations from where a continuous improvement culture can be built.

Our customers have found that work with us has helped to:

  • Generate more time, cash and profit
  • Increase your team productivity
  • Have clear ownership & responsibilities
  • Create consistency in your processes
  • Make sure you don’t miss customer opportunities
  • Add value to your customer activities
  • Remove waste from the business


We work across a range of sectors including  Manufacturing, professional services, Leisure, Distribution, Healthcare and Charities, we have helped organisations improve efficiencies in areas such as

  • Ensuring you maximise your resources
  • Customer journey from Enquiry to Delivery
  • Factory Layout & waste reduction
  • Finance processes & best use of systems
  • HR & recruitment procedures