You’ve put new processes in place and you’re confident they’ll boost team morale and business turnover. But how do you get your staff to adopt them?

At Propolis, we train your teams in new ways of working to make sure they’re happy, confident and able to follow new approaches promptly and efficiently.

What’s the outcome?

Training your team well boosts confidence, capability and compliance. It brings people together so they understand which processes they need to change, and why it matters, so they feel supported and equipped to make efficient improvements that add value to your business. We’ll also train them to reduce their carbon footprint, enhancing both your eco-conscious status and your bottom line.

Gain knowledge

It’s challenging to know what each member of your team is doing without spending time you don’t have to spare sitting with them. Let us take on that task, accompanying your team on everything from at-desk meetings to client site visits to find out exactly what their role involves. Then, we can give them the training that really makes the difference to their day-to-day role.

Support independence

A key driver for an efficient process plan is avoiding having to rely on a member of your team to train your staff in new software. We’ll do that for you, working with your employees so they understand new processes and are able to tackle everything themselves quickly and easily – leaving you to focus on business growth.

Explain eco-benefits

Your team know they need to reduce their carbon footprint. But getting their buy-in to do this can be tough, especially when it sounds like an extra task in their day. We’ll train them to work more environmentally, from limiting email traffic to cutting paper waste, so they get rid of unnecessary processes and improve your profits.

Adapt methods

In-person training is no longer right for every individual and every team. It’s why we take a blended approach to training, guiding your employees through new processes both virtually from home and face-to-face from the office. Then everyone’s working efficiently and cohesively, wherever they are.

Plan inductions

Failing to train new starters properly is an early error that results in employee dissatisfaction and high staff turnover. We’ll give your team the tools they need to support an efficient induction process that gets new colleagues filling gaps, not duplicating work – delivering the feeling of value and belonging that’ll avoid the expense of re-recruiting. 

Provide resources

Even the most motivated team will be ill-efficient without the right equipment. We’ll make sure they have the proper tools to do their jobs, and that they’re trained to use them – from software to machinery. We’ll also ensure they’re using their equipment in the most environmentally-friendly way to reduce waste, carbon footprint and overheads.

What if things change?

Productions, systems and goals can all adjust as your business grows. That’s why you know you can come back to us at Propolis to get your team up to speed on new developments. As we’ve worked together before, we already know your business inside out and can step in quickly to provide extra training – with knowledge of your processes and the buy-in from your team.