You understand the processes changes you have to make so your business runs more efficiently and your cashflow improves. But how do you take the knowledge you have and put it into practice?

At Propolis, we give you the guidance you need to achieve the changes that help your company run smoothly.

How does it work?

With a clear process plan in place, we’ll help you and your team understand how to make the improvements that’ll increase your profits. We’ll do that with honesty and integrity, demonstrating the clear and effective ways to increase both team and software efficiency so you can implement agreed plans promptly.

Motivate teams

Your employees need to feel supported when you’re asking them to make changes to the way they work. We’ll chat to them honestly and confidentiality, so they feel able to share what really matters to them. It’s crucial to get their buy-in for processes to develop, so we engage with them to ensure they understand, value and can implement the necessary changes.

Save time

Putting new procedures in place can feel overwhelming when you’re already pushed for time. We’ll work alongside you to show you and your team how you can implement strategies that’ll make every process fit in seamlessly and run efficiently, so everyone’s working productively. That way, we’ll be supporting you to better your way of working while allowing you to keep your business moving.

Improve flexibility

Processes that aim to change the way your business works are always designed to increase profitability. That’s why we offer a flexible approach to mentoring, giving you the resources you need without having to take on a full-time operations employee. We’ll step in when required, giving your existing staff the right guidance and empowering them to make the changes themselves.

Reduce footprints

Asking your team to consider the environment goes beyond making sure they put their drinks cans in the recycling bin. We’ll explain what they need to do, and why, educating and inspiring them to adopt the process changes that enhance efficiency. That way, they’ll know they can play their part in making your business eco-friendlier.

Carry-out reviews

Making sure processes are being put in place efficiently is important. We’ll report on planned progress, measure against the right KPIs, and let you know when stages are complete. Then, we’ll fully update your existing processes so you have one straightforward document showing everyone how things need to be done to reduce inconsistencies.

Monitor changes

A clear, concise and carefully-managed process is always the outcome of working with Propolis. Yet we know commitment to customers is continuous. To support that, we give you accountability to keep you focused. Together, we make sure your business stays on track, reviewing processes as needed to adapt to market and software changes so you’re always operating efficiently.

What can we do to help?

Getting your team to work efficiently comes from a real understanding of, and interest in, the changes you’re asking them to make. At Propolis, we spend time with your team so they know why the changes are being made and encourage them to write processes themselves with our guidance. So if you need to project manage the changes, your team are already off to a great start.