Our customers wanted to work smarter, but just didn’t know where to start?

At Propolis, we get to know your team, find out how you work and review your procedures so we can suggest, guide and demonstrate more efficient ways of working to boost your bottom line.

What does it involve?

No matter the size of your business, you need to operate efficiently to be profitable. That starts with developing strong strategies to improve performance. To do that, we’ll show you where to streamline your processes, documenting what you’re doing today so we can recommend what you need to change tomorrow – all fed back in a digestible report.

Meet teams

Getting to know how your business works starts with spending time with your team. We’ll discover what they’re doing, how and when to understand what’s really going on and how departments interact. Not only will your team then work together more efficiently, we’ll reduce the risk you’ll lose knowledge and skills if staff members are absent or leave the business.

Understand systems

It’s crucial to find out what your systems are doing today and what their capabilities are. We can then see where you’re missing opportunities to be more efficient and identify ways to streamline and automate processes. It’s also a chance for us to check you’re compliant with quality requirements, such as ISO9001, and show you what you need to do to meet regulations.

Address waste

From shop floors to back offices, incorrect waste management has a big impact on your overheads and the global environment. We’ll find out what’s happening, and where poor processes mean you’re spending a chunk of your budget getting rid of waste. Then we’ll reveal what you need to do to improve your carbon footprint and your cashflow.

Assign responsibilities

Duplicating tasks is a huge way that your business is spending extra time and money unnecessarily. We’ll define roles and responsibilities, pinpoint where tasks are being replicated, and make sure everyone knows what they need to be doing – and how and when – to streamline processes and enhance profits.

Achieve consistency

Product and service levels falling below customer expectations are common causes for complaint. We’ll boost repeat business by pinpointing where to improve high standards and consistency levels across all departments and third parties, focussing on product quality and adding value for customers. That way, you’ll spend less time handling complaints and more time increasing cashflow.

Make recommendations

You’re off to a great start if you already document your processes, whether in person or on paper. Yet when you’re looking at things inside-out, it’s easy to miss ways you can be more efficient. We’ll review what you do and make recommendations, from tweaks and techniques to adding new scalable processes or overhauling old ones – improving company results.

Is this right for us?

Every organisation needs efficient processes to make a profit. Yet the bigger your business, the more employees, equipment and overheads you have – and the more assets to protect. And when your operations include anything from offices and customer care centres to factory shop floors and dispatch areas, there’s more at stake to improve your business’ performance.

At Propolis, we work with companies committed to reducing costs and gaining the competitive advantage, no matter what size you are. We’ll step in and show you what to do to tackle increased overheads with a processes built around customer experience & cost effectiveness.