Customer Processes

Your most important attribute are your customers, they are the ones that will help sell your product or service when you do a good job. We want to ensure that your customers get what they want in a timely fashion with clarity of needs on both parts, be this how to order, payment method or delivery timeframes.

Customer journeys start from the moment that you or your brand is first seen by a customer, all the way through to subsequent purchases. With the new GDPR requirements, it is important that all processes and communication complies with the regulation

“Sarah’s customer services session contained lots of top tips and demonstrated that she really understands all the challenges faced when communicating with customers, Amy Law delegate Ladies Links Oct 2015”.

Ensuring that your communications and needs are clear and simple is critical. All too often a letter, an email or a text generates additional unnecessary phone calls into your team, as will not contacting the customer on a regular basis with updates on their order / claim / payment etc.

A good understanding of your customer base is very important in helping you get this right first time, we will help you:

  • Do you understand the customer demographic
  • Look at their preferred communication method, and make this work for you and them?
  • make sure you have clear communication, removing any jargon and duplicate steps

If you want additional support in delivery, Propolis can project manage these through to implementation if required.