Find a way of changing the good news to great………….

Do you find that members of your team often whinge about things not working as they want, or perhaps you get complaints around product or service…

I’m guessing because you are so busy trying to juggle so many things, these ‘bad’ things are often put to one side, never to be revisited, although you had every intention to do so at the beginning.

If you can turn these bads to goods, you will see significant positives come through the business,

  • Staff will be more content in their work and they won’t be dealing with as many unhappy people (we know some people’s glass is always half empty!).
  • You will be able to share lots of positive testimonials on your website or twitter we also know that happy customers breed more customers.

There are a couple of simple steps that can reduce the negative talk;


Give team members the opportunity not only to tell you what’s wrong and why but encourage them to have ideas around fixing it. Then feedback to them on how you will take it forward, or even allow your team member to implement their idea.

If it is something that can not be implemented due to legal reasons or cost let them know why, greater autonomy makes for a more positive team who want to work with you not against you.

This doesn’t have to be directly linked to your product or service, but something that the team may see as duplication or unnecessary.

Think about doing a SWOT (strengths weaknesses opportunities and threats) these can bring the best ideas especially if undertaken by a neutral party.

Remember there is no such thing as a bad idea……


Have a good method for tracking complaints, it doesn’t have to be complex just a simple log of what the complaint relates to, what triggered it (root cause) and how resolved. On a regular basis review the document for repeat reasons and see if you can improve that area.

Consider customer feedback, again you don’t have to spend money on text message systems, pressing 1 for poor and 5 for excellent, on your communication ask for feedback to a specific email address, and whilst you may get primarily the ‘bads’ back, it will enable you to focus on where to improve.

To be successful we should strive to be the best we can be, and never be worried about asking others for help or ideas, even if its just a coffee with a contact from another company to discuss best practice.

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