How often do you get distracted from your end goal….

Do you have a clear direction, or does the day to day business management keep pushing you in a different direction.

Too often we set out on a project (small or big) and it ends up overtaking our time or ends up in a different place, as the unexpected crops up.    Whilst the end result may not always be a bad thing, ensuring we are able to demonstrate why these changes to plan have occurred we can reflect and learn later.

Key steps to good project management

Clear definition….ensure you know exactly what you want to achieve, eg new shop, new product, new customers, different process

Establish who needs to be involved……get full buy in from your team, clearly explain the future benefits to the changes this which will lead to people taking ownership.

Identify a project manager or lead person…..this will keep all your work streams on track, trying to manage a project whilst doing a full time day job will mean neither are done to the usual standard, so its important that they do not have numerous other things to juggle.

Regular updates ….. Updates do not need to be in the form of a 2 hour meeting, a quick status update via email each week to the project lead should be sufficient to keep everyone informed, with periodic face to face meetings.

Celebrate completion…..once a project is competed make sure you feedback on the goods and bads to learn for future goal, and then go and celebrate your success with a good night out…..