How investing in processes will increase your profits

‘My systems don’t need fixing. They’re not broken.’

Truthfully, that’s the most common reason clients give us for not investing in process mapping.

Sticking to the old adage of ‘continuing as you are’ might, at best, keep things afloat. Yet continuing with the wrong processes is often the root cause of big problems. In fact, poor systems, and limited understanding of them, stop your business reaching its full potential and making the greatest profit.

Process mapping: the essential repair?

A great comparison for process mapping is roof repair. Fixing a roof isn’t something you’ll likely think of as a glamorous task. But it’s a crucial long-term investment that solves problems and reaps rewards.

Just like a roof repair project, process mapping often requires something to be undone before being put back together in a new, and better, way. In the height of it, your plans are put on a different track, disrupting your everyday ways of working and living. Yet, it’s something you’ll know is vital once the benefits are realised.

If don’t repair your roof, you’ll risk expense and problems long-term. Repair work prevents worry, saves cash and fixes problems you may not even have noticed were growing so rapidly. Process mapping is no different.

Investing money: are you doing so wisely?

A system works well if you’re using it to its full potential. But it’s easy to make the wrong investment decisions if you’re dealing with the wrong information. In fact, bad processes, or processes that aren’t right for your company, guide you down paths that don’t make business sense.  For example, you might invest in machinery that’s duplicating work, or recruit people to fill roles you don’t really need.

A lack of understanding of processes means making the right decisions can be tougher. Yet once know what you can achieve, you’ll know which customers you’re losing and opportunities you’re missing. Clear process mapping and investing in systems can show you where you’re losing chances to win new customers or retain valued clients. And longer term use will only maximise the benefits, , increasing client lists, staff productivity, and business profits.

Reviewing systems: how do you know what’s working?

Systems make your life easier and your investments wiser. Yet it’s hard to see what’s working, and what’s not, without an outside perspective.

A fresh pair of eyes reviews the way you work and removes that wasted energy spent on poor processes. At Propolis, we’ll spend time with your team and identify smarter ways of working. From equipment to emails, you might be unwittingly duplicating activities and responsibilities, missing the key cause of internal problems and external customer concerns. Whether you’re running a factory floor, accountancy practice, or retail business the right processes will increase productivity, reduce staff turnover, and save you time and money.

‘The way you’ve always done it’ might be the way you’ve always brought in business. Yet that doesn’t mean that it’s the greatest way of working. Bad investments made due to lack of investment in processes cost your business money, hassle and time. Taking the time to get a clear process map put in place can be the difference that makes your business really start to grow.

The importance of process mapping is often overlooked. But put clear processes in place, and you’ll discover huge gains. To develop the process map to grow your business, contact Sarah: