Maximising the quiet in uncertain times

We always want to spend time on our business not in our business, who knows when we may get this chance again.  Today I want to share with you some top tips to focus you in getting your business in better shape to come out the other side or continue with some great practices.

Out 5 steps to get your business in better shape:

  • Identify an objective or something that doesn’t work well now
  • Define your needs
  • Clear action list
  • Delivery
  • Review


Mostly our objectives over the next few weeks will be around staying fit and healthy but rather than worry 24/7 about business at the other end, think about what you can do either on your own or with your team to get the business in the best possible place.

This could include – marketing strategy, defining clear customer journey, reducing waste or generating efficient processes.

Define your needs

Once you have identified your objective, write a simple project summary, what do you want to do, who you need to help, what you  need to get there and what is outside of scope to keep you on track.

Clear action list

This is your list of all the tasks you need to do to complete the objective, lets say this is change the way you contact customers, the tasks could be document existing process, identify opportunities for improvement, investigate software solutions (or methods), confirm new process, write training and roll out the change.  Secondly give each of the actions a clear completion date.


Simply doing all the tasks within your time constraints, you may set a slot in your diary to do a section a day, or focus on it once a week, whatever works best for you in the current climate.   Look ahead with time lines, the next 3 weeks has certainty in what we can do, so maximise the opportunity.

Post project

This may not be possible until we return to some normality, review your outputs, have you achieved the aims, does your management information show improvements and identify what you haven’t completed.

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